There was no doubt in Conrow's mind that the whispering sounds he heard when the oscillating electro-magnet was brought close to the Thyratron were strange. The hollow sound was mesmerizing and quickly induced a trance like state in Conrow. But were the voices he heard really from an external intelligence, or was it an artifact of his own imagination? The simple test provided an answer that even Conrow was not prepared for. First, Conrow asked questions out loud and waited to see if there was a response. Nothing... nothing but the strange and hollow whispering sounds. Occassionally he would hear a strange "mumbling" sound that seemed human. However, nothing that seemed to Conrow like a response to his questions. Days later, the thought occured to him that he should try to superimpose his voice on the electro-magnet itself. Perhaps, by adding his own amplified voice to modulate the Phantastron oscillator, it might be heard by "the spirits"!,

Trembling fingers adjusted the audio gain as he began speaking. Hello, Hello, Hello. At first, nothing but the whispering sounds. But after what seemed like a full minute, Conrow could clearly hear voices. Faint murmurings were getting louder and more distinct. On and on the ramblings went until Conrow's ADC Radio Lab B-battery became too weak. With no spare on hand, the shocking experiment ended with the promise by Conrow to "be back" the next night after work... After pondering his breakthrough, Conrow thought back to Edison's work with the Edison Ghost Talker (Ghost Box or Phone) and how Tesla was so spooked by what he himself had discovered about his long lost brother in the old home-country using the Tesla type Moving Phosphorescent Imager. Clearly what was needed was a much more refined laboratory apparatus that had higher amplification and a much better discriminator circuit. This was the genesis of the mysterious Conrow Spirit Talker and the associated ADC Radio Lab components. In today's terminology, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) has basically derived through this pioneering work in the 1920s, '30s and '40s. Many Steampunk enthusiasts have become interested in Conrow's early work becasue of the way his equipment looked. So, what has become of the ADC Radio Lab components and laboratory apparatus? THE CONROW EFFECT


Conrow's wife, Dorothy, worked tirelessly alongside A.D. at ADC Radio Lab. However, in the late 1920s she died from excessive exposure to X-Ray radiation. Devastated, Conrow became increasingly reclusive and was troubled by bad dreams. In the following months, he continued his Tesla-work with what would become known as Phantastrons dividers and Thyratron tubes as triggers for his X-Ray tube apparatus. He was attempting to regulate the output of the X-Ray tubes by pulsing them to increase or decrease the strength of the emissions. Conrow had already determined that it was possible to back-trigger his customized Xenon-filled Thyratron tubes using nothing but X-Rays from the apparatus itself. Even later Conrow discovered that strong external magnetic fields could also trigger the circuit. However, nothing could have prepared him for what he discovered when he directly coupled the Phantastron back through an electro-magnetic coil to his Thyratron trigger circuit.




At first, it sounded like "whispering sounds" coming from tube itself. But after a few simple circuit modifications, and the addition of a loud speaker, the amplified sound was more of a "cyclic wind or rushing sound". After listening to the haunting signal for a few minutes, Conrow was certain that he could hear his voices modulating the noise and "whispering" to him. By filtering the sounds with various inductors and capacitors to eliminate the base-band frequency, Conrow was able to make the voice he heard more clear and distinct. Although he thought he could hear voices from time to time in the noise, what they was saying to him caused him to rethink his entire belief-system. Were these "voices" communicating from "the other side", or was it simply his mind playing tricks on him? After pondering the meaning and implications of his discovery, Conrow devised a simple test to see if the voice was real, or just his troubled imagination...


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