Steampunk & Laboratory Apparatus from the Victorian Era!


From early Wireless Transmitters and Receivers to X-Ray apparatus, my husband's grandfather, A.D. Conrow, cut his teeth with Edison and Tesla's associates. Working for both Westinghouse and General Electric in the very early 1900s,  Conrow delved deeply into the new and mysterious principles of electricity and electronics. He consulted with Steinmetz, Batchelor and even Tesla himself about his various ideas. Any excess money was always plowed back into his personal research and development. By manufacturing his own electrical and electronic components, Conrow was able to produce devices that met his exacting specifications. Under the label, ADC Radio Laboratory, these components have become the backbone of the entire line of electrical, electronic and electro-mechanical equipment.

From Resistors and Capacitors, to specialized Vacuum Tubes and Modules, ADC Radio Lab had a complete line of electronic components similar to those of commercial manufacturers of the 1920s to the 1950s. Knobs, Switches, Indicators, Coils and Transformers rounded out the complete line for Conrow's experiments. Laboratory Apparatus along the lines of Tesla and Edison's own equipment can also be found here. From Tesla type Sleep Inducers and early Wireless equipment to what we call Steampunk Machines today, Conrow's interestes ranged broadly and deeply. Please refer to the Odd Items for Sale section to see what has been pulled from the lab's inventory and packaged for shipment internationally. For documentation of the various units and the white-papers associated with them, refer to the Their Odd Projects page. Thank you for looking and feel free to e-mail with any specific questions you may have! THEIR ODD PROJECTS


My husband's father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all inventors, in the fields of chemical, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering. After a hundred and twenty years of experimentation, inventions, etc., it is time to begin to dispose of some of their equipment, patent models, tools and apparatus. I am also re- constructing some of the more rare machines from the original lab journals, drawings, photos & schematics. Maybe you are an inventor yourself, or just interested in early Steampunk Machines and electrical apparatus. If so, I will be offering these items for sale on eBay as I unpack, sort and rebuild them. (Click on Link below to see current ODD ITEMS FOR SALE.)




My husband, a patent holder himself, spent many years helping his father and grandfather as they worked tirelessly at the various electronic shops, including ADC Radio Lab. Some of their inventions and businesses were practical, but many were not. I am getting rid of all of his lab equipment, NOS (new odd stock) components & parts and electro-mechanical machines. Many of the esoteric machines & apparatus that were lost or destroyed are being reassembled and resurrected. So, if you're interested in learning more about the ADC Radio Laboratory and Steampunk Victorian Machines & Apparatus Co. equipment and machines, please read the rest of the back story for the details.


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